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03/07/2011 - Coastal Logic Sponsor at the COE Annual Conference and Technical Fair 2011
See Coastal Logic’s Batch Printing and PDF/TIFF Rendering ENOVIA Integrations at COE 2011 
April 3-6, Booth #220

March 7, 2011 –Coastal Logic, the leading provider of batch printing and PDF/TIFF rendering integrations for Dassault ENOVIA PLM, today announced that they will be showcasing the latest versions of their batch processing products convertLogic, and printLogic at the COE Annual Conference and Technical Fair 2011. The show will be held on April 3-6 at Rosen Shingle Creek in Orlando, Florida. 
The first featured product, printLogic, is Coastal Logic’s server-based web integration which allows users to batch print over 450 file types directly from their ENOVIA databases, without using the native application to first open or view them. Printed files can be automatically stamped with metadata based on multiple stamp templates created by the ENOVIA Administrator. Using Coastal Logic’s simple point-and-click interface, administrators control all printing, permission, and metadata stamping.

The second product featured, convertLogic, is a batch PDF/TIFF conversion solution that uses core ENOVIA functionality to automatically check out, convert, and check files back into the ENOVIA database within the Business Process Lifecycle. convertLogic can render over 300 file types, such as AutoCAD, Solid Works, Office Documents, etc., to PDF or TIFF and can easily be used to convert legacy data during the bulk loading process or to post-convert thousands of files using built-in methods.

As a result of these new features, Coastal Logic is rapidly acquiring new clients in the defense and manufacturing fields with many more potential clients on the horizon.