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11/19/2008 - convertLogic 5.5 and printLogic 5.7 new interfaces more robust for DS V6 
Coastal Logic, Inc., the leading provider of batch printing and PDF rendering integrations for Dassault Enovia MatrixOne PLM, today announced the immediate availability of their latest batch processing products, convertLogic 5.5 and printLogic 5.7.

Both integrations help companies attain regulatory compliance by providing administrators with strict control over metadata stamping and batch processing: PDF rendering in the case of convertLogic, and batch printing in printLogic’s case. As well, both solutions boast a roomier, streamlined interface, with a simple point-n-click admin utility for setting parameters, and are compatible with Matrix 10.8 and Dassault V6 PLM 2.0. 
printLogic, Coastal Logic's server-based web integration, allows users to batch print over 450 files directly from their Enovia MatrixOne databases, without using the native application to first open or view them. Printed files can be automatically stamped with metadata based on multiple stamp templates created by the MatrixOne Administrator. Using Coastal Logic’s simple point-n-click interface, administrators control all printing and metadata stamping.

A sampling of features in printLogic 5.7:  
  • Intuitive web-based user interface with four printing methods 
  • Multiple Stamp Templates automatically applied based on Type, State, or Format 
  • Role and Group based user permissions 
  • Schema Traversal automatically locates and includes related files 
  • CSV Print Method allows batch printing from comma-separated files 
  • AutoSize printing option automatically determines the best paper size 
  • Zip batch function creates zip archive instead of printing files. 
convertLogic is Coastal Logic's batch PDF/TIFF conversion solution that uses core Matrix functionality to automatically check out, convert, and check files back into the Enovia MatrixOne database within the Business Process Lifecycle. It runs as a Service that links directly to Enovia MatrixOne, and requires no user interaction. convertLogic can render over 300 file types, such as Auto CAD, Solid Works, and Office documents, to PDF or TIFF, and can easily be used to convert legacy data during the bulk loading process or to post-convert thousands of files using built-in methods.

A sampling of features in convertLogic 5.5: 
  • Common Document Model (CDM) Compliant File-based bulk conversion 
  • Post Conversion Program Execution after each conversion (Optional) 
  • File Renaming based on admin template File Synchronization ensures converted files and native files are in sync 
  • Fault Notification to admins and users via Icon Mail and/or Email File logging of conversion process (continuous or daily) 
  • Mail notifications to admins for service interruptions 
  • Automatic queue retention upon critical error (FIFO order) 
  • Remote monitoring using free application CLMonitor