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10/15/2008 - Coastal Logic Releases Enhanced Standalone Batch Printing Solution, vueLogic 3.7
Coastal Logic, Inc., the leading developer of batch printing solutions for product lifecycle management (PLM) and enterprise content management (ECM), today announced the release vueLogic 3.7, the latest version of its premier print spooling solution.

vueLogic 3.7 is a server-based application that enables users across a network to print over 450 file formats without first opening them in a viewer or the native application. This latest version of vueLogic provides administrators with strict control over enterprise-wide batch printing and stamping using XML-based requests.

New Features of vueLogic 3.7: 
  • HTML file printing 
  • Printing Outlook messages (msg) and attachments 
  • Space Number priority settings 
  • Enhanced control over fonts and paper sizes 
Additional Features of vueLogic 3.7 include:
  • Oracle AutoVue 19.3 technology and support for AutoCAD 2009 
  • AutoSize - automatically determine the best size paper from the selected printer 
  • Paperspace - set parameters for controlling the output from files with both 2D and 3D contents 
  • CAD to BW - forces printing of CAD files in Black and White 
  • Enhanced Spreadsheet printing from the interface 
  • Zip files - create zip archive of printable files. Users are emailed a hyperlink to retrieve the zip file from a network folder 
  • Remote Monitoring - remotely monitor the status of vueLogic 
  • Packetized Printing - combines multiple files into a single print job 
  • Process Log Management - by size, date and quantity 
  • Automatic FIFO printing 
  • Delete/Suspend/Reposition jobs within the print queue 
  • Resubmit/Delete error causing jobs 
  • Automatic UNC path conversion and Network capability 
  • Enhanced File Processing - allowing multiple files to be printed at once 
  • Auto-Save of window parameters and basic settings 
  • ISO Banners in 12 Zones with multiple lines 
  • Automatically Scaled Watermark