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Our software is flexible and can be modified to address your specific needs, whether it's minor tweaks or major functionality. We have a proud history of working closely with our clients to ensure they get the best functionality possbile from our products.
A Customization Success Story: Smith & Nephew 
printLogic, Coastal Logic's batch printing ENOVIA MatrixOne integration, allows users to batch print documents directly from their MatrixOne databases without opening them first, and provides Administrators with strict control over printing and meta-data stamping. Besides offering out-of-the-box solutions, Coastal Logic products can be customized to meet the specific needs of their customers, as was the case with Smith & Nephew.  
A global medical device company founded in 1856, Smith & Nephew operates in 33 countries, employs over 8,500 people and generates annual sales of $2.6 billion. Smith & Nephew is dedicated to providing innovative, cost-effective products that meet pressing healthcare needs. One way that Smith & Nephew stays ahead in its markets is by utilizing cutting-edge technologies and collaboration with companies such as Coastal Logic.  
"The requirement was to update Smith & Nephew's Shop Floor Printing web-based interface and link it to our printLogic core document processor", said Wayne Hoit, Vice President of Coastal Logic. "We successfully collaborated to combine their existing system with our batch printing software into a unique, custom solution". "Coastal Logic software will enable us to share secure and accurate information globally while maintaining compliant and repeatable business processes" said Randall Reavis, PLM Manager at Smith & Nephew. 
"The Coastal Logic staff has demonstrated an excellent commitment to meeting our business requirements by developing and implementing critical product functionality and consistently providing responsive customer service, training, and consulting. As many customers are replacing their home-grown systems with our products, we work diligently to provide solutions that are comprehensive yet flexible," said Wayne Hoit. "Our out of-the-box applications often meet our customers needs and are also a strong foundation for clients who have additional requirements, like Smith & Nephew."
"Coastal Logic software
  has enabled us to share
  secure and accurate
  information globally
  while maintaining
  compliant and
  repeatable business
Randall Reavis,
PLM Manager,
Smith & Nephew