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Product Information
Commercially available since 2002, printLogic has been battle tested in some of the world's biggest and busiest manufacturing companies. Coupled with Coastal Logic's unparalleled customer service, we strive to make printLogic the most dependable part of your company's infrastructure.  
Batch Printing 
printLogic is a server-based ENOVIA web integration that allows users to batch print documents directly from their ENOVIA databases. printLogic can process hundreds of file types, including Office, CAD, and bitmaps, without viewing software or the native application. 
Automatic Metadata Stamping and Watermarking 
printLogic can extract virtually any metadata from the ENOVIA database, including images such as company logos, and dynamically apply it to prints. 
Total Administrative Control 
The point-and-click admin utility for printLogic, allows administrators control all batch printing and stamping parameters for any number of installed servers. It is robust, yet easy-to-use, and requires no programming.  
Seamless Integration with ENOVIA User Interface 
printLogic's intuitive, web-based User Interface provides a host of features for batch printing documents from the database, while maintaining the look and feel of ENOVIA. 

Core ENOVIA Integration  
printLogic interacts with ENOVIA at the core level. This means that superficial interface changes, and changes specific to various Centrals do not affect printLogic's basic operation. As well, printLogic is compatible with all Centrals because it does not rely on any of them.

Enable Regulatory Compliance and save valuable employee time by creating secure, metadata stamped batch prints. No viewing software or native applications needed. 
Additional Benefits  
  • SSO Compatible 
  • FCS Capable 
  • Detailed Role and Group based Permissions  
  • Icon or email-based notifications  
  • Scaleable, Flexible Architecture 
  • Dramatically reduces the time necessary to print documents
 printLogic Main Features:
  • Compatible with Dassault Systèmes’ 3DExperience - the latest ENOVIA V6 platform 
  • Option to define Page Tiling by setting required number of pages high - print large documents spanning multiple pages 
  • Define a Pre-Process command before file processing 
  • Rewrite filename on trigger execution 
  • Implemented ENOVIA interface utilizing eMatrix, Java, and HTTP connections 
  • Enable/disable the printLogic button in the ENOVIA interface based on whether printLogic is installed at the users's site. 
  • Select both 'to' and 'from' recurse directions in Schema Traversal 
  • Send zipped files to user email addresses instead of putting it on a network share
printLogic Additional Features include: 
  • Submit Issue function - makes it easy to gather and submit necessary files for tech support 
  • Automatic installation of JPO code 
  • FCS servlet checkout options 
  • AutoSize - automatically determines the best paper size from the selected printer 
  • CSV Print Method - allows users to upload comma-separated files with lists of objects to print 
  • Zip files instead of printing them - batch files are checked out and bundled into a zip archive. Users are emailed a hyperlink to retrieve the zip file from a network folder 
  • Role/Group permissions - based on Type, Format or State 
  • Enhanced List Reordering - enables the user to reorder the Object and File Lists